Programs | Aerodynamics

Head of program

Program focus

The program integrates the theoretical, computational and experimental aspects of aerodynamics to make the complete picture in this field of science. Curriculum combines classical methods and modern trends

Aspects studied

Classical and modern aerohydromechanics
CFD basics and modern methods
Combustion basics
Aerodynamics experimental methods and tools


Full program curriculum

Program highlights

Lecturers are well-known scientists

Program outcomes

The alumnus will have the knowledge and skills in analytical, computational and experimental methods of aeromechanics and aerodynamics which enables him to solve the wide spectrum of theoretical and practical problems of aerospace science.

Career opportunities

Alumni participate in innovative research projects and work in leading companies

Specific entry requirements

The applicant must have the BSc or Engineer degree in the field of aerospace (aerodynamics is preferred) or BSs or Engineer in engineering and basic knowledge in aerospace. Additional knowledge and skills in aerospace field (such as experience in aeromodelling, pilot licence etc.) are recommended. The program includes a lot of mathematics, so the good skills in mathematics are strongly required.

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