Programs | Aerodynamics
Master's program
English taught
120 ECTS
4 full-time semesters
435 000 rubles per year

Program Overview

Phystech is a well-known research center in aerospace technologies. What about studying in an innovative cluster and doing researches with recognized professors and experts?

School seeks and utilizes the fundamental and applied aspects of aeromechanics, control, propulsion and engineering problems of an aircraft. The program provides training advanced skills based on deep researches results by MIPT professors in aviation technology. By the principle 'Education through research' all students have opportunities to combine education, researches and professional activities. You will take part in research projects with partner companies

Program curriculum

Core Subjects

Laws of Conservation
Fluid dynamics problems
Weather foreacsting
Unsteady Aeromechanics
Computational aerodynamics

Career Tracks

After graduation you will develop, design and research aerodynamic characteristics and determining the appearance of aircraft using design automation. Alumni participate in innovative research projects and work in leading companies in the sphere

Spheres for future employment:

Program in Faces

TOP 5 Skills to Master

Aeromechanics Analytics
High-speed aerodynamics
Aviation Ecology
Theoretical fluid mechanics

Research & Development

Science in Phystech

Phystech School of Aerospace Technology implements scientific research for major Russian companies, including Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company

Basic tracks

  • Theoretical Aero- and Hydrodynamics
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Mathematical Simulation of Gas and Liquid Flows
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Drones

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