Programs | Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor's program
English taught
240 ECTS
8 full-time semesters
435 000 rubles per year

Program Overview

Do you know how do plane fly? What about aircraft design? Can you analyze the risks of air accidents?

If these questions are quite interesting for you our friendly team of Phystech school of Aerospace technology waits for your application for the program 'Aerospace engineering' concentrates on the development of aircraft and spacecraft, aerospace systems, aircraft performance.

After graduation you will have the best chances to become a recognized expert in world known companies - program partners

/upload/Curriculum/Aerospace Engineering.pdfProgram curriculum

Core Subjects

Modelling of spacecraft
Power plants development
Weather foreacsting and Geosystems
Programming for ISS
Space accidents monitoring

Career Tracks

The program provides one of the most romantic career track - you can become a real astronaut! Most of us dream it, eh? MIPT has realised relevant dreams in reality - Dolgoprudnui is called 'City of 4 astronauts' thanks to MIPT famous alumni Aleksandr Kaleri, Yuri Baturin, Aleksandr Serebrov and Viktor Patsayev

Spheres for future employment:

Program in Faces

TOP 5 Skills to Master

Mathematics modelling
Controlling planning
Technological design
IT management program

Research & Development

Science in Phystech

Phystech school of Aerospace technology is known for various science tracks. All students have strong opportunities to do researches in our departments and labs. Some of them are located in Zhukovskiy, famous Russian 'fly' city with traditions of the air industry

Basic tracks

  • Physics and mechanics of space and natural systems
  • Geospatial information systems and traffic management
  • Computational technologies
  • Theory and methods of system analysis and control in systems

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