Programs | Blockchain
Master's program
English taught
120 ECTS
4 full-time semesters
435 000 rubles per year

Program Overview

Do you want to know what does it feel to be a pioneer to create new foundations for global economic and social systems or a disrupter of growing number of industries from music to finance?

The Master Program Blockchain focuses on in-depth study of the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), and its applications. Students will learn how to develop real DLT solutions, applications based on Hyperledger Fabric, as well as on the stack technologies provided by the Ethereum platform and EOS

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Program curriculum

Vladimir Gorgadze, program director, about the program 'Blockchain' 

Core Subjects

Game Theory
Blockchain Platforms

Career Tracks

Blockchain technologies today are one of the most popular and dynamic spheres for future employment. After graduation you will have opportunities to transfer your career into various fields thanks to provided our professors soft IT and analytic skills

Spheres for future employment:

Program in Faces

TOP 5 Skills to Master

Blockchain constructing
Directed Acyclic Graph
Hedera Hashgraph

Research & Development

Science in Phystech

Phystech School of Fundamental and Applied Physics provides up-to-date science tracks with the aid of modern technologies in labs. Most of the program's alumni are founders and CEO in leading companies in the sphere

Basic tracks

  • Debugging tools for Blockchains
  • Security & Data Recovery
  • Research & Optimization of Network Segmentation
  • BIC for Web Applications

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