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  • Evgeny M. Paderin

    Evgeny M. Paderin

    PhD in Engineering Sciences

Program Focus

The MIPT Engineering center implements "Chemical Engineering: organization of modern production" master's program at the department of "Chemical Physics".

The program is open to bachelor graduates in the field of technology studies who wish to gain experience in chemical engineering: from new materials development to the organization of modern production processes in biochemical, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Master students work in the Engineering center alongside experienced analytical chemists, chemical technologists, and chemical engineers, use equipment of the modern high-tech laboratory and develop professional competencies.

Topics of the thesis works constitute the actual challenges that the existing productions face and the real projects for the biochemical, chemical and petrochemical industries. Master students work under guidance of the leading scientific consultants during the entire educational course.

During their studies, students considering interdisciplinary knowledge, participate in the development of new technologies, materials, methodological procedures, new devices, and equipment, as well as gain experience in the following areas:

Goals and objectives


Thesis work within the framework of existing projects
Modern and comfortable workplace within a few minutes’ walk from the campus
Qualified teaching staff with extensive experience in chemical engineering
Employment of the best students in leading chemical and petrochemical companies
Decent scholarship and salary in case of employment
Opportunity to continue studies in postgraduate school

Basic professional skills of the "Chemical Engineering" program graduates

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