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Students Activities

  • Yachting club

    Yachting club

    Our yachting club exists since the founding of MIPT. We have been leaders before, and we are fighting for the leadership position not only in student, but also in Moscow sailing sport.

  • KVN (Humour Club)

    KVN (Humour Club)

    Team “Sbornaya Phystecha” is representing MIPT and Moscow Region in the KVN top league. 80% team members are MIPT graduates and the one is Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics). The team has shown amazing results.

  • Comfort.Company


    Special zone of comfort for everyone who wants to spend time with their close ones, it allows you to escape mail, phones, work and social networks, offering you instead a pleasant atmosphere, board games, cookies and tea.

  • Debate club

    Debate club

    Your thoughts remain unnoticed and without the recognition they deserve, during your talks, people sit with bored facial expressions, in your soul you are a leader, but you are not sure that anyone will support your ideas… For this, you need the rarest and artful gift – the gift of eloquence. Eloquence is what is being taught at the Debate Club of MIPT.

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