Pre-university courses of MIPT

Pre-university courses

As the language of instruction and examination of all bachelor’s degree programs and most of the master’s programs is Russian, MIPT provides a preparatory program for international applicants. During this program, prospective students take a Russian language course, which also makes them familiar with the Russian culture and lifestyle. The preparatory program also includes the courses in math, physics, and chemistry or informatics, depending on the program that the student wishes to enter.

The duration of the preparatory program is 10 months (two semesters). During the first semester, students take 30 hours of Russian per week. In the second semester, students take 18 hours of Russian per week in addition to math and physics — four hours of each — and four hours of chemistry or informatics.

Classes are held by professional Russian language teachers in small groups. The language of instruction is Russian. Upon the completion of the course, students have to pass exams for admission to bachelor’s or master’s programs.

The course fee is 175,000 rubles.

International students can apply for government scholarship. The scholarship covers all tuition fees for full-degree bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs, as well as preparatory courses at MIPT.

Non-degree program
Start: Sept. 1
Language of instruction: Russian
The duration of study: 10 months
ECTS credits: 54