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Head of Program

  • Prof. Maria Sigova

    Prof. Maria Sigova

    Director of MIPT Business School
    Doctor of Economics

Program focus

The program “Creation and Development of High-tech Business” is intended to provide the exclusive business education for highly motivated and qualified graduates willing to realize modern advanced technologies into actual products and businesses. It is brought about in partnership with the SberUniversity, which provides a unique learning environment and the best business training experience.

The overall program is essentially an implementation of a personalized learning approach. It comprises the key business and economics disciplines, science and technology courses and is flexible to meet the needs of every student.

Another principal feature of the program is the mentorship provided by the experts in the field of the frontier technology business.


Business and economy modules

1st Module — Leadership

Lean Startup
Problem Solving
Conscious Leadership

2nd Module — Business Administration

Corporate Culture and Management
Digital Economy and Finances
Global Trends in International Business

3rd Module — Product Development in a Digital Sphere

Consumer Behavior and Marketing
Data Science
High-tech Product Development
Product Development Strategy
Digital Development Environment

Technology core



All of the students form the teams and work on the business-project they conceive of and develop. They learn to apply the concepts of design thinking, engineering, finance, and business organization. Throughout the course students enhance their projects and present a final qualification work in the form of a startup as the apex of the two-year master’s program.

Program highlights

The program is designed to equip the students with:

The training we provide is fundamental, scholastic, and diverse.

Research & Development

Program outcomes

The primary outcome of the program is the development of a Startup which is the equivalent of a Thesis in terms of the Master’s degree. The students create an actual business and present it to the innovative ecosystem representatives and potential investors.

Career opportunities

The MIPT Business School, the home of the program, tracks the students’ career paths and offers career advancement opportunities for each and every graduate. Besides the students may continue their education at the MIPT Business School to gain even more sophisticated knowledge and experience.

Specific entry requirements

Even though the majority of our enrollees are holders of degrees from leading engineering and economic faculties, we accept candidates with backgrounds other than Engineering or Economics if they are:

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