Programs | Cyber Security
Master's program
English taught
120 ECTS
4 full-time semesters
435 000 rubles per year

Program Overview

How does a company avoid cyber attacks or try reduce its consequences? Which methods and standards provide high levels of data protection? What does it mean 'Cryptography' and how it can be usefull in real life?

The program is aimed at leaning and training professional specialists in information security management with a set of technical, economic, organizational and legal knowledge base. Graduates will have skills and competence in theoretical, organizational and legal issues of security in computer systems, cryptographic and statistical methods of protection, standard subsystems and solutions for information security

Program curriculum

Alexey Nazarov, program representative, about Master's program 'Cyber Security'

Core Subjects

InfoComm Technologies
Vulnerabilities and attacks
Security in Finance
Finance Protection
Artificial Intelligence

Career Tracks

As for today specialists in information securiy are one of the most demanded, payable and expected career growth. Cyber security is the area of convergence of various tools, methods of control and management of information risks, included creation of software and hardware systems for information security

Spheres for future employment:

Program in Faces

TOP 5 Skills to Master

Network Security
Mobile Networks
Cloud Storages
Data Protection

Research & Development

Science in Phystech

The School collaborates with the leading industry corporations: Intel, Honeywell, Almaz-Antey, Acronis, Parallels, Netcracker (NEC), Group I.B. Students combine fundamental studies with research activities related to contemporary issues in the fields of data transfering and computer networks, wireless systems, solid-state devices, control theory, learning systems, signal processing, parallel and distributed computing, fault-tolerant computing, and computer vision

Basic tracks

  • Network Security
  • Mobile Network Security
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security
  • Security of the Internet of Things

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