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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Fluency in English or Russian
High education in Physics/Physical Engineering
Bold experience with MATLAB
Basic knowledge of gasdynamics or low temperature plasmas
General experience in experimental work in physics

Research highlights

Laboratory of plasma flow control and plasma assisted combustion is one of the leading research units in its area. The laboratory is equipped by two wind-tunnel- subsonic for low turbulent research and blowdown supersonic facility.
Measurement techniques for flow quantities includes particle imaging velocimetry and high speed shadow imaging. Study of the discharge physics is performed using short exposure (2ns) camera and high speed oscilloscopes.
The lab is involved into the international cooperation with Ecole Politechnique, and occasionally participates in the cooperative projects with leading aerospace centers in Europe (DLR, Onera, Nottingham University). The financial support can be provided, depending on applicant results and current situation in laboratory

Main publications

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