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Program focus

The program aims at equipping the students with the tools that are in demand on the today job market, with emphasis on the things that do not “come and go”, but are of universal importance and already stood the test of time. While studying the up to date algorithms that you may find in a typical blog post on practical applications of machine learning, the students go beyond the surface and get the knowledge of why things work as they do. So mathematics takes as important part of the program as the algorithms.

Prof. Andrey Raigorodskiy, Phystech School director, about Bachelor's program 'Computer Science'

The program based on collaboration with our leading Russian and foreign research institutions dealing with information technologies, mobile app developing and data science such as:


The curriculum includes the following core essential for the most trending topics of modern computer science:

To be able to implement the algorithms and develop software, the students are given the foundations of the most used programming languages:

Courses on some core aspects of modern computer systems are also included:

Computer algorithms are based on discrete mathematics, so the program contains dedicated courses on the foundations of discrete math:

Machine learning is based on the following mathematical foundation. These courses of the program provide the mathematical foundation so that the students know what is under the hood of the well-known machine learning algorithms:

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Program highlights

Program outcomes

The graduates of MIPT are highly demanded on the job market. They are known for their fundamental training in sciences and ability to apply their knowledge in practical setting.

Career opportunities

MIPT graduates work in practically all fields that require critical thinking, problem solving and strong training in quantitative sciences. From software development to financial analytics. Many graduates become successful entrepreneurs, hi-tech startup founders.

Specific entry requirements

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology provides a friendly environment for the studies, yet the workload at MIPT requires the student to be highly focused on learning. To be high achiever on the program the student should have strong college-level skills in mathematics. Being familiar with some programming language prior to entering the program is a plus, though not a formal requirement.

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