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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Tagged neutrons method is the technique of the distant non-destructive elemental analysis of the substances. Based on the irradiation of the object by fast 14 MeV neutrons and registration of the gamma quanta from reactions of the inelastic scattering. Used for on-line determination of the elemental content of coal, cement, different ores on conveyer, detection of diamonds inside kimberlite, detectors of explosives etc.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Experimental Nuclear Physics
Methods of Experimental Data Treatmen
Processing of the Gamma-ray Spectra

Research highlights

Researches are carried out using unique Russian-made neutron generators. One of them was working 6 years at the Martian rover Curiosity. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna is large international scientific center with plenty of possibilities for physicist. Financial support is possible.

Main publications

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