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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Our works involve, but not limited to studying and using the concept of Differential Gene Expression for RNA-seq data. We have earlier explored various aspects of RNA-seq based data properties, models performance and quality assessment. Currently we recruit this approach for inferring the problem of Chemical Reprogramming, which is a process of transforming cells from one tissue type to another with assistance of specific chemical agents.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

MS in Bioinformatics, Computers Science or related quantitative field
Programming skills in Python/R and Unix shell scripting
Understanding general concepts of Molecular Biology
Profound writing and communication skills

Research highlights

The scope of our group’s research is inference the process of chemical reprogramming with computational methods. The project will require to access generated data with machine learning techniques as well as design and implement new models and tools. The candidate is expected to get involved in collaborations with experimental groups both internationally in European research Centres and locally. The results of the projects are intended to be published in high impact journals.

Main publications

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