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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Development of bionformatics tools and resources for regulatory genomics, cell fate ingeneering and drug repurposing. Computational investogation of regulatory transcriptomics and epigenomics in application to normal and pathological processes.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Degree in Bioinformatics, Computers Science or related quantitative field; degree in Biology can be considered if accompanied with strong programming skills
Programming skills in Python/R and Unix shell scripting
Understanding general concepts of Molecular Biology
Profound writing and communication skills

Research highlights

The scope of our group’s research includes studies of the fundamental mechanisms of genome regulation that can be applied to solving practical tasks, such as cell conversion and drug repositioning. Our projects requires usage and development of modern bioinformatics tools and machine learning techniques to process chemical, biological and biomedical data. Our group is a member of international consortia, such as FANTOM, GREEKS, Human Cell Atlas. The candidate is expected to get involved in collaborations with computational and experimental groups both internationally and locally. Our research is supported by different Foundations, after a trial period the committed candidate can be supported financially. The results of the projects are intended to be published in high impact journals.

Main publications

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