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  • Meet Dr. Raigorodskiy

    Meet Dr. Raigorodskiy

    Program coordinator,
    Phystech School director


Program focus

The Program will create a solid foundation of knowledge of modern discrete mathematics and its applications in computer science and in the analysis of complex networks. This program is focused on the modern aspects of combinatorics (discrete mathematics) and its applications in computer science and in the theory of complex networks. Students both study advanced state-of-the-art methods used in discrete mathematics and foster intuition of working with discrete objects and models and do research in various topics of discrete mathematics – either pure or applied.

Prof. Andrey Raigorodskiy, Phystech School director, about online Master's program 'Contemporary Combinatorics'

The program based on collaboration with our leading Russian and foreign research institutions dealing with modern discrete mathematics and the analysis of complex networks such as:


Full program curriculum

Program highlights

With the help of new educational technologies and the “flipped learning” approach, courses on basic specialties, compulsory general education courses and interaction with a research supervisor on writing research are being transferred to the online form.

The educational program consists of:

Our students have an opportunity to add an internship at Yandex research labs, Sberbank labs, 1C labs, Tinkoff labs, BioCad labs, ABBYY labs, Huawei labs, to their portfolio.

Online Masters also provides a unique opportunity to stay at the current job while getting a degree.

Program outcomes

The students who enter the program are expected to develop/strengthen the following skills:

  • The ability to read original research papers on various topics of combinatorial mathematics
  • The ability to carry out a supervised research in the area of choice in combinatorics
  • The ability to design mathematical models for a real world problems
  • The ability to present the results of the research to professional community
  • The ability to carry out computational experiments backed by theoretical considerations

Career opportunities

  • Researcher (mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science)
  • Software developer / algorithm designer
  • Analyst

The alumni of Advanced combinatorics program work at research institutes in Germany, France, Canada, Israel (PhD/postdoc positions) — we expect the graduates of the online program to be at this level and to keep raising the bar.

Specific Entry Requirements

Applicants should have a basic knowledge of:

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