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Research supervisor

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Supervisor’s research interests

Dr Titarev is a specialist in the field of computational fluid dynamics and associated numerical analysis. His research interests include the Boltzmann equation with model collision integrals, hyperbolic conservation laws and numerical methods, very high-order essentially non-oscillatory methods in particular, for partial differential equations with applications in gas dynamics, rarefied flows, reactive multiphase flows as well as non-linear elasticity.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Knowledge of basic numerical methods to solve PDEs, integration and differentiation
Good working skills in programming in Fortran 90/2003 or C
Basic knowledge of compressible gas dynamics
Basic knowledge of parallel computing is a bonus

Research highlights

The possible program of research may include investigation of high-order methods on unstructured meshes, implicit time-accurate schemes for kinetic equations with stiff source terms. The emphasis will be on applications to complex problems

Main publications

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