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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Research interests of our lab are in the fields of transcriptional regulation and cancer development and treatment. Specifically, we are interested in glioblastomas and astrocytomas –the deadliest neurological tumors. In our lab, we systematically investigate specific combinations of mutations, metabolic and epigenetic changes that provide growth advantage and immunological suppression. By rational design and screening, we are trying to identify molecules that would target a specific glioblastoma molecular subtype.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Ability to read and understand English language
Knowledge of the molecular and cancer biology
Bioinformatics skills are encouraged
The most important–interest and enthusiastic approach to science. Ability to work hard and smart

Research highlights

In our work, we use primary surgically removed tumors and, in collaboration with colleagues across the globe, we developing less-invasive methods to understand patient-specific conditions that lead to favorable outcome and help in the development of the better treatment options. We support further international careers for our students and will assist in grant applications for their professional growth.

Main publications

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