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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Polarized neutron reflectometry (PNR) is powerful method for investigation of different low-dimensional heterostructures. Our investigations mostly dedicated to superconducting-ferromagnetic heterostructures.
Such systems are very perspective for such areas of technology and applied physics as quantum computing, spintronics and neuromorphic computing. Simultaneously we develop PNR method for possibility of registration secondary radiation (γ-quanta, charged particles). This additional mode greatly expands possibility of classical PNR.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

A lot of Enthusiasm
Experimental Skills
Programming (Mostly, Matlab)
General Education in Physics

Research highlights

During this program you have possibility to work at unique equipment as spectrometer REMUR (reactor IBR-2). Including such difficult technics as low-temperature cryostat and other.

Our scientific group collaborate with many Russian and foreign scientific centers, such as PNPI and Max Planck Institute. There are possible different finance programs for PHD-students, such as JINR scholarships and grants of Russian foundation for basic research.

Main publications

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