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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

The main research interest is Material Science of Superconductors and Non-trivial Topological Matter.
The area of expertise includes phase diagrams, crystal structure design, synthesis and crystal growth, mechanical alloying, X-ray diffractometry, electronic microscopy and its application (EDS, EBSD, Auger spectroscopy).
Concerning the materials, we deal with iron-based superconductors (IBS) and its application, superconductors with magnetic atoms, new bismuth-based materials, transition metal dichalcogenides, tin arsenide-based materials and other new quantum materials.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

The applicant should be familiar with experimental methods of solid-state investigation (no experience is required) and confident in condensed matter physics and/or chemistry, especially with such topics as:

Superconductivity or Topological matter
Electronic band structure
Quantum physics

Coding (LabView, Python etc.) is not necessary but an advantage.

Research highlights

The research will be done in Ginzburg Center for High-Temperature Superconductivity and Quantum Materials of Lebedev Physical Institute that seven Nobel prizers worked in. It equipped well with modern experimental equipment and has full-cycle investigation from synthesis to low-temperature experiment. The equipment used in the Center allows one to investigate a wide variety of materials include air-sensitive materials that became more and more actual in scientific research.

The Center has successful collaborations with many foreign institutions. Among them are IFW (Germany), PSI (Switzerland), DLS (UK), St. Andrew’s University (UK).

Main publications

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