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Program in faces

  • Prof. Dmitry Kuprash

    Prof. Dmitry Kuprash

    Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology
    Professor of RAS and Corresponding Member of RAS

Program focus

The program is dedicated to the training of specialists for their professional implementation in the science research and project activities in the field of biomedicine and biophysics, molecular and cellular biomedical technologies.
Students will have skills in the areas of: research, production and use of enzymes, viruses, microorganisms, animal and cell cultures, products of their biosynthesis and genetic engineering.

Aspects studied

Materials science
Molecular Biology
Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology


  • Genomic Engineering
  • Biorganic Chemistry
  • Machine Learning
  • Medical Materials Science
  • Immunology
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Cell Technology
  • Algorithms of Bioinformatics
  • Physiology
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Introduction to Molecular Biology and Genetics

Program highlights

Medical Biotechnology is a promising program for the further employment both in science and in many commercial enterprises.
We invite students with basic knowledge in maths, biology and physics. This program is built by experts, who proved themselves both in industry and academia. Molecular and cellular biotechnologies are now needed in medicine around the world, so this is an internationally-required qualification. Graduates with such biomedicine experience work in many countries, including research divisions of leading companies.
Guaranteed work in medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, research institutes, clinics and leading world universities (Top-20 and Top-100 World University Ranking). Being our graduate in this subject is prestigious.
MIPT Masters with international diplomas will be employed where there is a need for creative thinking and originality of technical solutions based on modern fundamental knowledge in the field of biomedicine, molecular mechanisms and innovative solutions in molecular biology and biotechnology.


Interactive, on-line and individual educational process
Real examples from research projects
Practical experience in solving real biological problems

Program outcomes

  • Practical skills and knowledge in applying methods of genomic engineering, molecular and cellular biotechnology, bioinformatics
  • Knowledge of how to reformulate real biological and genetics problems in technical language and understand the appropriate approaches to them
  • Proficient knowledge and practical skills in the application of methods of molecular biology and genetics
  • Basic experimental skills in research on the field of viral, cell and microbial activities
  • Basic knowledge and experimental skills of the features of medical biotechnologies, tissue engineering and material science

Career opportunities

  • Biomedical Engineer/Research Scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Junior/Senior Bioinformatics Specialist

Specific entry requirements

  • English language knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of calculus, biology and chemistry

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