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Program in faces

  • Prof. Dmitry Kuprash

    Prof. Dmitry Kuprash

    Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology
    Professor of RAS and Corresponding Member of RAS

Program focus

Medical Biotechnology has enormous potential for developing new solutions to improve human health. Through the understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of diseases, biotechnology plays an essential role in developing drugs, vaccines, therapies and diagnostic tests. The Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology is a unique chance to join the world-leading academics and industry professionals in implementation of multidisciplinary curriculum at the interface of biology, maths and physics.

The program’s goal is providing students with core and advanced knowledge as well as practical and research skills in biotechnology. The students will be able to be a part of the research project that requires an understanding of a wide range of techniques and scientific literature.

Aspects studied

Materials science
Molecular Biology
Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology


Program highlights

Biotechnology is a rapidly expanding industry driven by the development of molecular biological research, growing demand in medical diagnostics and therapeutics area. The program provides students with an advanced scientific education and prepares them for diverse careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Students will develop a practical and theoretical understanding of the molecular techniques used in the biotechnology sector, obtain skills using professional research equipment in over 20 laboratories.

This program is taught completely in English and welcomes international students with basic knowledge in biology, maths and physics, allowing them to earn a degree that will be recognized both in Russia and abroad.


Interactive, on-line and individual educational process
Real examples from research projects
Practical experience in solving real biological problems

Program outcomes

  • Practical skills and knowledge in applying methods of genomic engineering, molecular and cellular biotechnology, tissue engineering.
  • Up-to-date technologies for drug and vaccine development
  • Skills in molecular modelling and bioinformatics

Career opportunities

  • Biomedical Engineer/Research Scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Junior/Senior Bioinformatics Specialist

Specific entry requirements

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