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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

My research activity is devoted to a few directions:

The main focus in the first research line is the investigation of spin-orbital interaction on the spin current in graphene, quantum dots and two-dimensional nanostructures. This study is useful for construction of various nanodevices that can be used as building blocks for nanoelectronics. It will also help to understand fundamental features of spintronics.

In the mesoscopic systems there is a strong interplay between classical (macroscopic) and quantum (microscopic) degrees of freedom. Very often we have to deal with nonintegrable systems. However, many properties of such systems can be analyzed in terms of classical periodic orbits. The second research line is devoted to analysis of the conditions that allow to illuminate hidden symmetries in the classical analogues of corresponding quantum systems. As a result, these symmetries manifest themselves in the corresponding quantum spectra as specific integrals of motion, that could elucidate their quantum properties.

One of the main challenge of the modern photovoltaics is a construction of efficient thin-film technology. My third research line is devoted to analysis of various physical conditions that would allow to increase power conversion efficiency of thin-film solar cells based on perovskite semiconductors.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Good Physical and Mathematical Background
Knowledge of Programming Languages such as Mathematica, Maple, CI, Fortran

Research highlights

The main goal of my research is to find fundamental laws that would be useful for creation of various nanosystems for technological applications.

Main publications

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