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  • Alexander V. Koldoba

    Alexander V. Koldoba

    ScD in Physics and Mathematics,

Affiliated Organizations

Center for Engineering and Technology of MIPT in the field of exploration, production and refining of oil, gas, and minerals

Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center

Masters's program
Russian taught
4 full-time semesters
295 000 rubles per year


Any student from any MIPT Phystech School (or any university) can enroll in this program. The program has been designed to train students who are able to confront the formidable challenges in the Upstream segment (hydrocarbon exploration and production).

The program offers placement within the Center for Engineering and Technology and work on the projects undertaken by the industry partner, Gazprom Neft, and other oil companies. While working on projects, students write their theses under the supervision of top scientific advisers.

During their studies, students acquire expertise in the areas listed below and actively use it in their work: optimization methods, oil and gas business, software development, numerical methods, ML, statistical methods. They then have an opportunity to present their research findings at conferences in Russia and around the world. The courses in oil and gas business are taught by the Center for Engineering and Technology.

Upon graduation from their master programs students are offered to either join Gazprom Neft or continue working at the Center for Engineering and Technology. Alumni can proceed with their work on dissertations within the projects by the Center.

The Center for Engineering and Technology of MIPT is meant to provide cutting-edge and even creative solutions for industry to solve a variety of challenges.

Aims and Objectives

Develop a foundational knowledge base to solve oil and gas engineering issues in practice
Understanding of contemporary challenges and technology trends within the industry
Immersion into corporate culture in oil and gas industry
Professional language mastery
Obtain skills in operating with contemporary specialized software


Core Subjects

Fluid dynamics
Reservoir geomechanics
Numerical simulation
Application software development
Machine learning, BIG DATA
Control theory
Experimental design

Professional Qualifications

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