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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Current primary focus of the research is the development of new generation of scientific software for particle physics and beyond.
In nearest future we intend to work on data acquisition and control systems as well as parallel and distributed tools for Monte-Carlo simulations. Also, we continue our work in Troitsk nu-mass and IAXO collaboration as well as BAT collaboration.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Capability to Work Independently
Motivation to Work Hard, Learn and Improve Skills
Programming Language
Particle Physics
Mathematical Statistics

Research highlights

All scientists use software in their work: data acquisition, storage and analysis as well as simulations and device control. Everything relies on a software, yet there are only several groups in the world, who work on a development of new approached to the software development for science.

Our group works closely with JetBrains company and is a part of JetBrains Research foundation. Currently we work primarily in Kotlin language. We are also members of several international collaborations (Troitsk nu-mass, TRISTAN, IAXO, BM@N, BAT).

We are also working closely with industrial companies like Tavrida Electric, Muon Solutions OY, etc

Main publications

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