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Research supervisor

Possible research titles

Supervisor’s research interests

My scientific interests lie in various areas in game theory and mathematical modeling of economic and social processes, especially on the border with computer science. The research topics include, but are not limited to:

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Some experience in game theory, like a master-level one- or two-semester course
Knowledge of discrete mathematics and ability to learn new topics in it
Ability of designing and conducting computer experiments would be a benefit
No specific background in economics is needed

Research highlights

We have a joint research project on complex networks with Stefano Boccaletti from ICS-CNR (Florence, Italy). It is possible to work not only on game-theoretic models, but also on random graphs and hypergraphs. We are also in contact with leading Russian economic researchers from such universities as NES, HSE (Moscow and Saint Petersburg) and RANEPA.

Main publications

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