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Research supervisor

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Supervisor’s research interests

Since the 1980th supramolecular chemistry also known as the chemistry of weak interactions become one of the most interesting fields of chemistry. This discipline descrbies the relations between receptor and substrate, host and guest. This approaches leads us to nature-like technologies such as sensor systems, molecular machines and devices.. My interest concerns to fluorescent systems, organic dyes and their complexes with cavitands.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Physical chemistry
Organic chemistry
Confident user in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Origin, ChemDraw
Analytical chemistry background is welcome

Research highlights

As it was shown earlier, the molecular machines based on organic dyes are able to work in aqueous media. Our goal is development of different approaches to novel effective molecular devices for sensor systems or dyes for laser technics. Our work was supported by grants from the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Main publications

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