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Research supervisor

  • Vasily I. Golubev

    Vasily I. Golubev

    Candidate of Science,

    Senior Researcher at Laboratory of Applied Numerical Geophysics,

    Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department

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Possible research titles

Supervisor’s research interests

My research work is connected with the development of novel numerical methods for simulation of dynamic processes in complex media. Many phenomena and technological processes are described by hyperbolic systems of equations: the earthquake initiation, the seismic survey of oil and gas deposits, the non-destructive testing of composite materials, etc. In our research group we are concentrated on the extension of the grid-characteristic method for more complicated medium models.
Acoustic, anisotropic elastic, fluid-saturated porous and non-linear continuum approaches and approximations are investigated. The internal research software is developed on C++ language supporting OpenMP, MPI and GPGPU systems. We are seeking for motivated young persons interested to expand scientific knowledge in the simulation area.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Strong background in numerical methods (finite-difference schemes, finite-volume methods, PDEs)
Good knowledge of the physics of deformable solid media (acoustic, linear elasticity, visco-plasticity)
Experience in programming: C++, Python, MPI and OpenMP technologies
Self-sufficiency, ability to deal with scientific papers

Research highlights

Main publications

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