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Research supervisor

Supervisor’s research interests

Experimental study of the superconducting order parameter and its temperature dependence in novel multiple-band superconductors using tunneling techniques.
Estimation of the gap symmetry, coupling constants, partial band parameters from the experiment.

Supervisor’s specific requirements

Condensed Matter Physics
Low-dimensional Systems
Tunneling Effects in Superconductors
Wolfram Mathematica
Cryogen Experiment

Research highlights

We use a unique break-junction technique in order to create Josephson SIS and Andreev SNS nanojunctions (S – superconductor, N – normal metal, I - insulator). The spectroscopy of such junctions provides direct and high-resolution probe of the superconducting order parameter, its symmetry and temperature dependence, those crucial for understanding the mechanisms of unconventional superconductivity.
Our studies are partially made in collaboration with Russian (MSU, IP SB RAS) and foreign (IFW Dresden, Bern University) institutions, and supported by Russian Science Foundation, Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and Russian Academy of Sciences.

Main publications

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