Programs | Neural Network & Neural Computers
Master's program
English taught
120 ECTS
4 full-time semesters
435 000 rubles per year

Program Overview

Can you train your computer deep? Do you understand how hardware artificial brain works?

All these up-to-date skills will be included in your CV after graduation. The program focused on the theory and application of modern neural networks and machine learning methods for solving human level problems. Strong and wide theoretical background provides you various tracks for researching: signal, text and image processing, robots control, cybersecurity, neural hardware design

Program curriculum

Core Subjects

Neural Network
Cyber Security

Career Tracks

Students receive deep fundamental and practical knowledge in modern R&D areas of computer science: data analysis, machine learning, computer vision, big data, deep learning. The main field for future employment is modern research and development (R&D) in computer science and information technology

Spheres for future employment:

Program in Faces

TOP 5 Skills to Master

Information Security
Machine learning
Signal Processing
Control Systems
Computing hardware

Research & Development

Science in Phystech

The School collaborates with the leading industry corporations: Intel, Honeywell, Almaz-Antey, Acronis, Parallels, Netcracker (NEC). Students combine fundamental studies with research activities related to contemporary issues in the fields of wireless systems, solid-state devices, control theory, learning systems, signal processing, parallel and distributed computing, fault-tolerant computing, and computer vision. Best students continues as PhD

Basic tracks

  • Machine learning
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Internet of Things
  • Robot Control
  • Neurocomputers

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