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Head of program

Program focus

Can you train your computer deep? Do you understand how hardware artificial brain works?

The program focused on the theory and application of modern neural networks and machine learning methods for solving human level problems. Strong and wide theoretical background provides you various tracks for researching: signal, text and image processing, robots control, cybersecurity, neural hardware design.

Aspects studied

Neural Network Theory and Practice
Cyber Security
Image, Text and Signal Processing


Neural Network Theory - various architectures of Neural Networks and learning: deep and shallow, supervised and unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning, Spiking Networks, Soft Computing: Fuzzy nets, Wavelets, Evolution methods, etc.

Neuromathematics – applications of neural networks to mathematical problems: linear and nonlinear systems of equations solution, grids and graphs problems, multidimensional modelling, inter- and extrapolation, classification and clustering, etc.

Neurocontrol – applications of neural networks to control tasks: kinematics and dynamics, nonlinear controllers, robots control, etc.

Neurocomputers – hardware for neural networks acceleration, past, current and future: Graphical and Tensor Processing Units, Neural Chips, Optical Computers, Memristors, etc.

Applications of Neural Networks in Cyber Security; Image, Text and Signal Processing; Robot Control, etc.

Full program curriculum

Program highlights


Centre of Information Technology and Systems

Chair of Intelligent Information Systems and Technology

CITaS is a government organization for digitalization of all process in government responsibilities:  Defence, Security, Medicine, Economics, Social etc.

Chair has many years experience in both theory and application of Artificial Neural Networks and parallel computing: 8\16 GPU cluster for MIPT with software for: wind load prediction; hydrolocator data processing etc.; metal mill measuring and control, radiolocator data processing; object recognition over vibration of optical cable and many others.

Program outcomes

Full stack of neural networks architectures. Approaches of various tasks solution with neural networks. Particular task solved with neural networks. As example from previous years:

  • Text processing for Malay language using neural networks architecture
  • Text classification with deep learning neural networks
  • Classification of encrypted traffic using 1D convolution neural network
  • Intrusion detection system based on neural network, SVM and neuro fuzzy approach
  • Anomaly detection in cybersecurity
  • Voice emotion detection with neural network and deep learning
  • Image Compression Using Neural Network

Career opportunities

  • Continue education as PhD-student (~50%)
  • Return to home and continue in Science and Education (~20%)
  • Commercial RnD (~10%)
  • Stay at Russia and continue in RnD (~5%)

Specific entry requirements

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