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Physical Science


MIPT is a top-ranked Russian university famous for its history, scientific achievements, and a unique system of tuition. A leading technical university, MIPT is featured in most global, regional, and national rankings. We improve our positions year after year thanks to a high quality of education, fundamental scientific research, an advanced partner network, and high rates of alumni employment

World & Regional Rankings: Digest

World / region Russia
QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) #312 #6
Physics & Astronomy TOP 100 #2
Mathematics TOP 150 #5
Mechanical, Aeronautical &
TOP 250 #3-4
Electrical & Electronic TOP 250 #1-4
Computer Science TOP 250 #3-6
Chemistry TOP 450 #4
BRICS Rankings #21
EECA #16
THE (Times Higher Education) TOP 300 #2
Physical Sciences #50 #1
Life Sciences TOP 250 #2
Computer Sciences TOP 125 #3
World Reputation Rankings TOP 100 #2
Emerging Economies #11 #2
ARWU Physics TOP 300 #4

MIPT is ever-present in Russian university rankings. Our results are traditionally among the best nationally for admission and education quality. MIPT has the highest average exam score of applicants in Russia

Russian Rankings: Digest

HSE + Yandex #1
Interfax #3
Ranking agency ‘Expert RA’ #2
Forbes Russia #3


Nobel Prize


MIPT is recognized as a leading research center. The education ecosystem relies on proven instruction methods and an innovative infrastructure. Students can do experiments and test their scientific hypotheses with a personal research advisor and leading experts from all over the world. The more than 80 advanced research labs at MIPT are an excellent training ground for future researchers

Our professors are focused on technological entrepreneurship and innovations as core areas of future MIPT development. In 2017, we relaunched the Phystech.Start business accelerator, which now supports student-initiated projects based on the Institute’s lab infrastructure. Dolgoprudny is the heart of MIPT development. The innovative campus infrastructure has helped 10 of our alumni and professors become Nobel Prize laureates. Ten MIPT alumni are ranked in the Russian Forbes




The Institute’s development strategy is focused on continual improvement, international projects, and a partner network. International students make up 12 percent of the overall student body at MIPT. Today students can choose to study abroad in over 50 countries. More than 100 leading companies are our partners in research projects and student internships, including IBS, Yandex, Huawei, Google, Abbyy, and Intel. Each Phystech School and lab fosters its own partner network

As far as international projects are concerned, the Phystech.International olympiad for talented students is a prime example. More than 10,000 participants from over 100 countries take part in this contest. The Russian national team took second place among 4,000 universities at the 2018 International Collegiate Programming Contest. The Institute’s campus is a frequent location for international conferences, meetings, workshops, and our students have a chance to integrate into the global scientific community


alumni in Forbes
Ranking Russia
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Most of our professors are MIPT alumni, and they are genuinely interested in developing student skills. They provide high-quality instruction for all students and focus on talent development. Ten Nobel laureates among our alumni and professors personify the Institute’s achievement. At MIPT, you get to be part of an amazing student and alumni community — and take part in annual 24-hour soccer matches alongside professors and famous graduates

MIPT integrates the efforts of students, professors, and alumni into a unique ecosystem focused on developing student soft skills. Our alumni are founders and CEOs of leading Russian and foreign IT and tech companies across the world, which are the Institute’s partners

  • Meet Matt B.

    Meet Matt B.

    USA, Master’s Program
    Advanced Combinatorics

    Russia’s welcoming attitude towards foreigners convinces me that an American in Moscow on an official academic program whose only crime is “acting like an American,” not espionage, is perfectly safe. I have many mathematician friends and acquaintances who are active in the university sphere of a number of Russian big cities

  • Meet Van J.

    Meet Van J.

    China, Bachelor's Program
    Applied Mathematics & Informatics

    I have changed my mind about Russia. Professors are loyal and friendly. When I entered at MIPT, I felt the power of science and technology. For example, I understood the nature of the light we see every day. Here I learned a lot and established good contact with Russian classmates

  • Meet Mohamad A.

    Meet Mohamad A.

    Saudi Arabia, Bachelor’s Program
    Computer Science

    People are very friendly. Actually, before I came to Russia, they told that Russian teachers are strict and I had seen this in many universities but in MIPT I have seen something different. Teachers here are pretty respectful and they teach very well besides their perfect English.

  • Meet Ali A.

    Meet Ali A.

    Siria, Master’s Program
    Computer Science

    About MIPT, I love this university and I am so excited to start our very first year and meet the professors and get into the mood of computer science. Thanks for caring about our opinion, for me it is a really respectful idea from you to give us the opportunity to represent our vision about everything